Level 2 PMW sea ice concentration

The level-2 sea ice concentration product (OSI-410)

The level 2 sea ice concentration product is a swath based product and is complementary to the level 3 SSMIS sea ice concentration (OSI-401-b) and the level 3 AMSR-2 sea ice concentration (OSI-408) products. All the products are near-realtime, operational and freely available, as all the products in the Ocean and Sea Ice Satellite Application Facility's (OSI SAF's) product portfolio. The product utilises the AMSR-2 and SSMIS satellite microwave radiometer data. The OSI-410 product was introduced in July 2021, as part of the Continuous Development and Operation Phase (CDOP-3)

Introduction and FAQ

How should I cite this dataset?

This product shall be referred to as the global sea ice concentration level 2 product of the EUMETSAT Ocean and Sea Ice Satellite Application Facility
(OSI SAF, osi-saf.eumetsat.int).

Which satellite sensors are processed?

The sensors and channels used for this product are SSMIS (19v, 37H, 37v) on board DMSP platform F16, F17 and F18 and AMSR2 (19v, 37v, 37h, 89v,
89h) on board the JAXA platform GCOM-W1.

What is the spatial resolution of this product?

For the SSMIS product the spatial resolution is 25 km and for the AMSR-2 product it is 10 km.

What is the time-span of this product?

One orbit for SSMIS and half-orbit for AMSR-2

What are the contents of the product?

The product consists of these major fields:

  • Sea ice concentration: indicates the fraction of a given ocean grid point covered by ice. It is given as a decimal number, between the range of 0-100%.
  • Uncertainties: the algorithm uncertainty, the smearing uncertainty and the resulting total uncertainty of each sea ice concentration grid cell value are given in three separate fields. These absolute uncertainties are given in percentages, between a range of 0-100%.