Global continuous reprocessed sea ice concentration offline product (OSI-430)

The continuous reprocessed sea ice concentration offline product (OSI-430) was introduced to continue the reprocessed sea ice concentration data set (OSI-409-a) in a delayed manner. These datasets are now deprecated. Please use OSI-450-a/430-a instead.

The continuous reprocessed product is delivered on a daily basis with a monthly delay (33 days), as the processing requires 31 days of data to produce the climate consistent product.

More details about the format and algorithms can be found in the section about the reprocessed data set, and in the product documentation mentioned below.

Download data set

The sea ice concentration continuous reprocessed offline product can be downloaded at this anonymous FTP server:


The data are organized in year/month directories.

Product history

  • version 1.2: Covers the period 16th April 2015 onwards. Is consistent with the OSI-409-a v1.2 reprocessed data set.


The sea ice concentration continuous reprocessed product has been compared to National Ice Center ice charts from both northern and southern hemisphere. In general the ice charts have higher ice concentrations than the OSISAF product. However, there is no trend from year to year.


More technical details about the data set can be found in the Product User Manual and the Algorithm Theoretical Basis Document.

Validation results can be found in the Validation Report.


Quicklooks of this deprecated version are not available.


Users of this data set should acknowledge the data set by using this reference:

EUMETSAT Ocean and Sea Ice Satellite Application Facility. Global sea ice concentration continuous reprocessed product (year), [Online]. Norwegian and Danish Meteorological Institutes. Available from https://osi-saf.eumetsat.int.


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Contact person for the OSI SAF Reprocessed Sea Ice Concentration products is Steinar Eastwood, met.no, osisaf-manager[at]met.no.